Use these 10 Color Theory Tips to “Set the Mood” in your Home!

    10 Color Theory Tips for Homeowners

    When it comes to choosing the perfect colors for painting, accessorizing, and decorating your home – think strategically. As much as you love blue, for example, you may want to keep it out of the kitchen. And even if purple isn’t your favorite color, adding it to the master bedroom could be… shall we say… in your best interest.

    Here are ten of our favorite Color Theory Tips that you can use to help set the mood in your home!

    RED - Color Theory TipsRed

    Red is energetic – making it a great choice for social butterflies! If you host a lot of parties, use red in your gathering spaces to keep the energy level high. Well, that and your epic playlist, of course.



    ORANGE - Color Theory TipsOrange

    Orange is warm and welcoming, and can also stimulate the appetite. Orange accents in a living room can help guests to feel at home, and orange is a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms.



    YELLOW - Color Theory TipsYellow

    Yellow is associated with creativity and learning, making it is a great shade for a home workspace or playroom – anywhere you want to stimulate your thinking!



    GREEN - Color Theory TipsGreen

    Green is calm and relaxing, making it a great choice for the family room, bathroom, or other spaces where you want to unwind.



    BLUE - Color Theory TipsBlue

    Blue is quiet and wise, but is known for its appetite-killing properties! Keep the blue out of your kitchen and dining spaces, or that Instagram-worthy dinner won’t feel quite so appealing.



    PURPLE - Color Theory TipsPurple

    Looking to spice up your love life? Fill your bedroom with purple accents! Purple can be an aphrodisiac, as it perfectly combines the “stability” of blue with the “energy” of red.



    WHITE - Color Theory TipsWhite

    White makes rooms feel bright, simple, and clean – a perfect choice for the minimalist! White also makes a great backdrop for a pop of another color to add to your room’s vibe.



    PINK - Color Theory TipsPink

    Pink is a naturally happy, calming tone. They’re called “rose-colored glasses” for a reason! Pink can add vibes of optimism and loving energy to a room.



    BROWN - Color Theory TipsBrown

    Brown is down to earth and grounding, and is associated with feelings of loyalty and warmth. Brown makes a great accent to “ground” any room – and there’s a reason “beige” is a favorite neutral.



    BLACK - Color Theory TipsBlack

    Black brings a sense of power and intelligence, and adds contrast. Consider using black as an accent in your home office!

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