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    Top 5 Reasons to Live in Hartland, MI

    Are you looking for a fun, active place to move to? Is the Livingston County area on your radar? Check out a few of our favorite reasons to live in Hartland, Michigan!


    1. Enjoy the Historic Downtown

    The Hartland Music Hall is one of the many historic buildings tied directly to John Robert Crouse Sr., the man who helped build Hartland. His philanthropy for the Hartland community shined through his interest in keeping the Hartland Music Hall available for public use. When he purchased it in 1929 (for $500!) it was in disrepair; he completely renovated the space for the community and it’s still in use today. Another great old building in downtown Hartland is the Florence B. Dearing Museum. The space for the museum was once the original Town Hall, built in 1891 at the corners of Crouse Rd. and Hartland Rd. Eventually a fire truck bay was added to the building, as well. Hartland has the amazing ability of transporting you through time to really feel what it felt to live a hundred years ago.

    2. The Cromaine Library

    This Historic building is so impressive, it deserves its own point. The cornerstone of the Cromaine Library was laid in 1927, but it remains one of the most relevant buildings in all of Hartland. Cromaine Fun Facts include 90 Years in Hartland, 30,290 visitors per year, and 740 events held per year as well. Whether you’re a youth, teen, adult, or business, the Cromaine Library has programs, events, and services catered to you!

    3. The Cider Mills. Yes there are two!

    Tom Walker’s Grist Mill, better known as the Historic Parshallville Cider Mill is located on North Ore Creek. It was built in 1869 as a flour mill, and today offers a rich history and modern day fun. Check it out for cider, donuts, apple pies, and more! Spicer Orchards, another local favorite was established in Hartland in 1967. Spicer’s boasts a Winery, Farm Market, & Cider Mill.

    4. Hartland Athletics

    Many people tell us that Hartland Athletics and the facilities are an important reason they love this area. The hockey and wrestling teams have become powerhouses, but all the teams have achieved success. The facilities in the district are top-notch as well. Not to mention the Aquatic Center programs run by Hartland Community Education.

    5. The Golf Courses and Recreation Areas

    The Majestic at Lake Walden, Huntmore Golf Club, and Hartland Glen Golf Course are all favorites in this area. Community parks with sports fields and walking paths are other family fun destinations. Walden Woods Resort rounds out this category with its natural areas and nearly 100 year old buildings. Not surprisingly, the Crouse Family is also tied to this property.


    We love the Hartland Area. Leave a comment with your favorite things!

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