Selling your House? Maximize your Lighting in 5 easy steps

    Lighting Tips for Sellers

    Aside from location, great light is one of the top items on most home buyer “must have” lists. If you’re not maximizing your home’s lighting potential, you’re missing out.

    With these five easy steps, you can make your home appear bright and cheery.


    5. Wash your windows, inside and out

    This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often this is overlooked. A good cleaning, inside and out, can remove grime that you didn’t even realize was there. Let that light shine in – give your windows a clean and polish on the interior and exterior, and enjoy all those extra rays.


    4. Remove or Update your Drapes

    If you have dark, heavy drapes – or valances – or any other window fixtures that may be blocking the light from shining in, get rid of them. You want your home to feel bright and airy – not like a cave! This has the added benefit of not overly decorating your space, allowing home buyers to imagine the window dressings in their preferred style. You don’t want a buyer who prefers modern, contemporary furnishings to get hung up on your antique lace curtains… Keep your windows clear of light-blocking (and style-specific) curtains, drapes, valances, etc.


    3. Trim exterior landscaping

    Take a few minutes with some garden clippers, and trim any exterior landscaping that is blocking your windows. If you have low-hanging branches or overgrown bushes that are visible from the interior of your home, they’re probably blocking valuable light from entering your rooms. Not only will this let more light shine in, but it will increase your curb appeal, and it will give buyers the impression of a home that has been well cared for (adding value in more ways than one).


    2. Replace Lampshades

    It’s surprising just what a difference this can make! Over time, lamp shades tend to collect dust and become discolored. Take a look around your home, and replace any dark or dingy lampshades with new, fresh, white shades. Not only will this let more light through, it gives your room an instant facelift.


    1. Replace Lightbulbs

    Not only is it worth taking a few minutes to replace any burned out bulbs in your home, but something as simple as increasing your bulb wattage can make a really big difference. Make sure that you’re using the highest-wattage bulb for each fixture – but pay attention to those maximums, as they can vary greatly from fixture to fixture.


    There you have it! A light, bright, airy feeling to your home that didn’t take too much time or cost too much. Now sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and get that house sold.

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