Big Questions about Today’s Market



    The Livingston County Real Estate market is moving fast and houses are coming on and off the market very quickly! Here are three of the most common questions we’re getting from buyers and our answers.


    ”I’m afraid of putting my house on the market until I find the right house, but I don’t think I can buy a new house until I sell the old one. What should I do?

    We think there’s an easy answer to that and it’s a Bridge Loan. So many banks right now are offering bridge loans which allow you to buy the new house without selling the old one. You can have the confidence that you found the right house for your family and in today’s fast market you know you’re going to sell your old house too.


    ”I want to buy a home. Can I get a deal in this market?”

    We think that the answer’s probably no, but that’s not a bad thing. Because you really have to ask yourself, do you want to get a great deal or a great home? And we think it’s probably a great home.


    “I’m a home buyer, and we’ve written three offers and none of them have been accepted. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom when it comes to winning at making an offer?”

    That’s a pretty common challenge right now, multiple offer situations. And the easy answer is to eliminate as many moving parts in your offer as possible. So what do we mean by moving parts? We mean contingencies and conditions. The fewer, the better. We’re talking about inspections, appraisals, types of financing. In fact, if you can be a cash buyer that’s great. The seller’s looking for the simplest offer possible, and if you can simplify your offer it’s going to increase the likelihood that you’re going to get the house.


    Do you have questions of your own? Give us a call, message us on Facebook, or comment below and we’d be happy to help you!

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