Adding Curb Appeal to your For-Sale Home

    Adding Curb Appeal to your For-Sale Home

    The old adage tells us that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” – but when it comes to selling your home, that’s simply not true. A potential buyer forms an opinion about your house from the moment they pull up – and a drab exterior can be truly cringe-worthy.

    Maximize your home-selling potential by sprucing up your curb appeal with these ideas:


    Adding Curb Appeal - Entry Door MakeoverEntry Door Makeover

    Is your entry door making the statement you want it to? Giving your entry door an old-fashioned scrub can make it look good-as-new again. Or consider a coat of paint to give your entry a pop of color. If your door hardware is looking dingy, consider replacing it. Or, if that’s more than you’d like to spend, a coat of spray paint can go a long way toward making your door look high-end (which makes buyers think it’s worth top dollar). If your door kind of just blends into the front of your house, consider framing it. Freshly-painted trim and molding can provide an instant facelift and give your entry that inviting feel you’re looking for.


    Adding Curb Appeal - Updated House NumbersUpdate your House Numbers

    Not only do you want your home to be easily found (buyers can’t view it if they can’t find it), but choosing house numbers in a font and style that matches with the house can lend a designer vibe (without costing very much).

    Look for house numbers in a font and finish that compliments the home’s exterior.


    Adding Curb Appeal - Add LightingAdd Lighting

    Make your porch feel more warm and welcoming with great lighting. From ceiling fixtures to wall-mounted porch lights, great lighting can make all the difference. If you like the fixtures you already have, give them a good scrub and replace old bulbs. For a quick update, consider a coat of spray paint for a cheap and fast upgrade. Or check your local hardware store for new fixtures that fit well with your home’s exterior and style.


    Adding Curb Appeal - Make your Porch InterestingMake your Porch Interesting

    If you have a plain concrete porch, make the finish more interesting and welcoming. Consider tiling over the concrete for an upgraded look that doesn’t break the bank. Or use concrete stain to give your porch a tiled look or interesting texture.

    For the most temporary solution, consider adding an outdoor rug to add some color, texture, and interest to your home’s entrance.


    Adding Curb Appeal - Add Plants in LayersAdd Plants in Layers

    If you have any front garden beds, make sure they are cleaned up and weed-free. Some colorful flowers can spruce them up without costing a lot. Add some potted plants to your garden and porch, and maybe a hanging basket or window boxes, too. Have a tree in the front yard? Consider a small, circular garden full of flowers and plants around the trunk for an added burst of color and interest. Having different layers of plants and flowers will make your front garden feel lush – and it only takes an afternoon to get done.


    Adding Curb Appeal - Clean it UpClean it Up

    Don’t underestimate how much difference a good scrubbing can make!

    Consider using a pressure washer to get the grime off of outdoor areas (like driveways, porches, decks, patios, siding, etc), and wash down any railings, doors, windows, etc – a clean house looks new again, and that well-maintained vibe will give potential buyers a good feeling about your house before they even step foot inside.


    Adding Curb Appeal - It’s all in the detailsIt’s all in the details

    Look around, and see if there are any finishing touches that would fix things up even more. If your mailbox is old and rusted or tipping over, consider repairing or replacing it. If your electrical boxes/meters stick out like a sore thumb, give them a quick coat of paint so that they blend into the house. Repair any ripped or torn window screens. These little details may not seem obvious, but potential buyers could look at these issues and think the house is a fixer-upper. You want to make it feel move-in-ready from the first time they pull up to the house!

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